Really very unfortunate, a serious relationship between Paris Hilton and her fiance, Chris Zylka must end in the middle of the road. In November, they decided to break up and cancel the wedding plan.

I don’t know what happened, Chris Zylka is reportedly not the right man for Paris Hilton . Paris, who did not want to talk at length, admitted that they still wanted to be good friends even though they were no longer lovers.

Although initially sad and heartbroken, now Paris has returned to focusing on his career. The 37-year-old socialite is even happier after separating from Chris, as reported by Us Magazine.

The happier after the breakup

It is directly delivered by one source through an interview with Us Weekly, “Actually, Paris is very happy now. He again tried to emphasize himself not easily satisfied. He wants to have a husband and children, but it has not happened as well. He committed to doing the right thing for him, and living life like that. “

“He will not establish relationships with just anyone to relieve others. He prefers to live alone and remain happy,” the source added.

It Is Not Suitable

not only stop there, the source reiterates if the reason behind the breakup is solely due to incompatibility. After a long time together, Paris and Chris realized that they were indeed not suitable.

“Paris loves him very much and he (Chris) really admires him. He (Paris) sees all the goodness in him (Chris) until finally they realize that they are totally incompatible, and are on a different level,” he concluded.

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