Travis Scott now claims to be a man blessed with the presence of Kylie Jenner and little stormi Webster. But this rapper turned out to be discouraged when he found out his partner contained a female fetus. This shocking confession he delivered when it became the cover of the latest edition of Rolling Stone.

“At first I said ‘Man I want a boy!’ then we got the results that she was a girl, I had time to say ‘huhhhh’, “said the rapper with this face tattoo.

Travis took a while to accept he would father a baby girl. Until he finally realized and said, “Yo this is probably the coolest thing that has ever happened.”

Now Everything Changes

Although time disappointed not to a boy, everything changed when stormi born. Now he and his child seem inseparable. Even during the Astroworld tour , Travis always invited Stormi.

“When Stormi was born I felt life was vibrant. We didn’t want anything to happen to him. Even though I was on tour, Stormi was the main one,” Travis continued.

Stormi Bond – Travis

Still Travis realized he could not always be together with his little angel. If the situation is indeed not possible, he cannot force him to take the little Stormi. Instead he always uses videocall technology to meet his beautiful baby. But it turns out Travis and Kylie Jenner are quite disciplined in educating Stormi.

“Today’s kids always play iPad. Lots of technology, they don’t play outdoors anymore. This is also why Stormi doesn’t get a TV,” Travis said firmly.

Of course, except for the TV in the concert backstage. Kylie and Travis provide a special room so Stormi can see his father’s action on the stage.

“Stormi and Travis have a strong inner bond. Obviously he is daddy’s girl. This is very adorable. If I have it, it seems like I’m not considered,” Kylie said about the closeness of Stormi and Travis.

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