name of Ariana Grande is still adorned in the media. This time is not from the work or relationship but Ariana’s appearance. This petite singer has a distinctive appearance with horsetail hair, eyeliner and high boots.

Then actor Michael Rapaport uploaded a photo of Ariana without makeup on her Instagram. Michael gave a julid comment on Ariana’s appearance.

“Ariana is 27, but she acts like 12 years,” Michael wrote as a caption on the @michaelrapaport account .

Give a Bully Comment

“If you fall off the shoes that cover the feet, makeup cat eyes, and a genie ponytail style. I think there is a coffee shop worker who is more beautiful, it is not honoring the coffee shop,” wrote the actor 46 years with spicy.

This upload is of course a discussion of many social media users. Many regretted what the man who had been in a career since the 90s. Criticizing the young girl by saying she is not beautiful without makeup and costume is certainly not wise behavior.

No intention of apologizing

“If I say cruel about Donald Trump I’m a social media hero, but jokes about Ariana Grande include shaming. I’m talking about Ariana Grande and I hate women?” Michael wrote shortly afterwards in the instastory.

Michael is not only an actor, he is also a comedian and podcaster. In uploading his podcast he discussed many things that were trending. Maybe bullying Ariana will be one of the content in her podcast.

Full uploads of these malicious comments have been responded to by many Ariana fans and internet users. Until now, Michael Rapaport has not given an apology or clarification of his statement.

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