Everything is done by Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin has always drawn the attention of netizens the world. Even though what they did was just a roadside walk. But make no mistake, this simple thing turns out to be a source of inspiration.

For example, Stefano Monda . For KLovers who don’t know yet, Stefano is an artist who is very good at drawing animation. Especially the character of THE SIMPSONS. Although until now it has not been known from where the artist’s origin country is. But it is thought he came from a country with Spanish because on his Instagram account he used the word ‘artista’ to describe himself in the bio column, which is none other than taken from Spanish.

Apparently Justin Bieber and Hailey’s roadside activities inspired Stefano to make a work. Yesterday the artist just uploaded a picture of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin which he made with his distinctive style. That is made in the style of THE SIMPSONS character .

Yup, this figure of Hollywood celebrity 2 was changed in such a way by Stefano. To the extent that both of them are so perfect that THE SIMPONS character is known to live in an area called Springfield. Instead of continuing to be curious, this is a picture of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin as THE SIMPSONS character ala Stefano Monda!

Not long after it was uploaded on his Instagram account, this yellow character image was immediately reposted by Justin Bieber, you know. In his statement, Justin wrote, ” Wait a minute that’s my gurl dog ,” which means, “Hey, wait. The woman is mine!”

The word ‘dog’ written by Justin is a word that is often used by Bart, the main character of the film THE SIMPSONS . The word is also often spoken by Bart when talking with his father. Although classified as rough because it means dog animals in Indonesian, this word became very popular and became the hallmark of Bart.

Back to the illustration by Stefano Monda. Justin and Hailey’s character is adjusted by him so that it becomes very SIMPSONS . In addition to the iconic yellow skin, the distinctive character of THE SIMPSONS is clearly visible on the lips of the character which is intentionally advanced and a bit like the character of Suneo in the animated film DORAEMON.

Besides that, what makes this character thicker is the background of the picture. Where the Simpson family’s house is located at the back of Justin and Hailey. Likewise with the 5 main characters of the family.

Not only Justin and Hailey had been drawn by Stefano. Rows of other Hollywood artists to the country’s famous athletes he once pictured. How are KLovers? Very good right?


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