Not long ago, a shocking news came from Paris Hilton. The famous socialite who also has a career as a DJ is reported to have ended his engagement with Chris Zylka aka breaking up.

I don’t know what happened, the relationship between Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka that has been intertwined since 2017 has suddenly failed in the middle of the road. It’s very unfortunate, because they even prepared their wedding plans.

Now the public is again shocked by an unexpected news from Paris. Still related to the former, this woman who is identical to her blonde hair has just made a very shocking confession. Want to know?

Endorse Fiance Ring

becoming a guest star at The Jenny McCarthy Show , Paris Hilton said if she still kept her engagement ring with Chris Zylka. No less surprising, the ring was apparently not bought directly by his ex.

Paris claimed that if the ring cost US $ 2 million (around Rp. 28.9 billion) it was the endorsement of one of the famous jewelry brands. Because the brand has benefited millions of dollars from the engagement news, there is no reason for Paris to get rid of the ring from its jewelry box.

Initial recognition

Previously, Paris had also made a confession after breaking premiere of his fiancee. Guest guest on The Talk last November, he openly expressed his heart’s content.

“I just want to enjoy the ‘me time’ moment. I feel when I’m in love, I love that person quickly and excessively, it makes my romance life full of shocks,” Paris said starting his curhatan.

Furthermore, Paris added, “I was always obsessed with Disney stories and love stories, at that time I thought this would be a happy ending, but I realized that it was not the right decision.”

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