love affair that existed between Kylie Jenner and Scott Travis indeed quite serious. Even though they haven’t thought about fiance or marriage, the couple has agreed to have children.

It’s Stormi Webster , the love fruit of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott who was born on February 1. Now little Stormi is 10 months old and always makes Kylie happy with her growth from day to day.

Not satisfied with the presence of Stormi, now there is news that Kylie and Travis are planning to add more babies. This was directly conveyed by a source at Us Weekly.

Ready to Get Pregnant Again?

“Kylie and Travis are very attached to each other, and they want to add to their family,” the source said as.

Not only stopped there, the source also said, “That’s why there’s no doubt why they want to give Stormi a younger brother faster than many people expected. All of her family (Kylie) also agree with them together, and their relationship is also 100 percent supported. . “

Kylie Had Confessed

Well , this is not the first time such rumors appeared in the media. Last October, Kylie had revealed her desire to get pregnant with a second child through a video uploaded on a Snapchat account . Even so, he claimed he was not ready in the near future.

“I want to have more children, but when asked when, now I’m really not ready. And I don’t know when it’s time (the right one). But if I’m sure, I’ll definitely be happy to share info with you,” Kylie said a question from one of his fans.

Not only stop there, Kylie even claims to want to have a daughter again. “I’ve (thought of his name), but I haven’t found which one I like. But I really want to have a daughter again, hopefully. And I want to give her a feminine name,” he added.

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