Mood Brooklyn Beckham is now being flowery. Not without reason, the article is this handsome guy just found his new heart moorings. Who is he? Who else if not a beautiful model named Hana Cross.

The news of their closeness began when Brooklyn Beckham and Hana Cross were caught holding hands after attending the 2018 British Fashion Awards held in London. In front of media cameras, the couple seemed inseparable from one another.

Since that day, Brooklyn and Hana also seem to have begun to dare to go public. They are now not even reluctant to indulge in intimacy when they appear in public. Do not believe?

Caught by a kiss

At least that scenery has just immortalized the paparazzi camera when Brooklyn Beckham appeared in the Beverly Hills area last Sunday. Apparently he and Hana Cross were busy dating and shopping together.

Not just holding hands or sharing hugs, both of them also caught intimate kisses in public. Regardless of the existence of the paparazzi and the people around them, the couple remains immersed in their own world.

Even more intriguing again, that day both of them dressed compactly with a combination of white tops, dark pants, and pink socks. For those of you who are curious about what they are at that time, can you see the photos HERE !

Show off intimacy on Instagram

Well , this is not the first time Brooklyn looks kissed Hannah. Previously, they also did the same thing as clearly seen in Instagram Story posts belonging to the beautiful brunette haired model.

At that time they were in the car while listening to his favorite song. Realizing that the boyfriend was making a video, this eldest son of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham immediately approached and kissed her cheeks intently.

The shy Hana couldn’t resist the smile that spread on her face. So sweet , huh! 😉

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