filmmaker is famous again , Woody Allen stumbled over the problem of abuse. This time about the eight-year scandal with Babi Christina Engelhardt who was then 16 years old. This scandal with underage models is now being hotly discussed by the public.

This shocking confession was made by Engelhardt himself. This scandal occurred in 1976 after the two met at a restaurant in New York City. However, he admitted that it was not Woody who started their longest relationship.

Englehardt’s bold steps were welcomed by Woody. Next they met at Woody’s penthouse on Fifth Avenue. This is where the two began their sex scandals for approximately eight years.

Jealousy with Mia Farrow

During this scandal Engelhardt admitted Woody sometimes invite some other woman. Engelhardt who was still quite young at that time also explored with Woody.

After their relationship lasted four years, Woody introduced Mia Farrow . This fact made Babi Christina feel quite sad and jealous. “But I don’t have the courage to go. Because going means ending all this,” said Pig.

Not Intending to Damage Woody’s Name

Although now made a surprising confession Pig feel demeaning or Woody Allen, Mia Farrow. “I’m talking about my love story. This is what shapes me now. I have no regrets,” continued Babi.

This is not the first time Woody has been linked to a sex scandal. In fact, he was once charged with sex abuse against his own son, Dylan Farrow. Of course Woody denied everything his adopted child said and did not undergo legal proceedings.

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