married to Prince Harry did bring a big change in the life of Meghan Markle. Not without reason, he who previously was a free citizen of the United States, suddenly had to change his lifestyle in accordance with the rules made by the United Kingdom.

Not only did he leave his career in the entertainment industry, Meghan Markle was also required to learn to wear British accents properly and correctly. It didn’t stop there, he also had to pay attention to appearance, how to dress, and disable all of his social media accounts.

All of the sacrifices were made by Meghan so that she could live with her beloved man, Prince Harry . But now the public has just shocked the latest news from women who are status as the Duchess of Sussex. Want to know?

The Instagram account is suddenly active

Meghan Markle’s Instagram account that has been closed was suddenly active again yesterday. After 8 months of disappearing from circulation, netizens were finally able to return to seeing photos and videos that had been uploaded by Prince Harry’s wife.

Unfortunately, Meghan’s account is open in just a few minutes. After successfully making a splashy netizens, especially fans and their followers , the Instagram of the former beautiful actress was closed again, as reported by Cosmopolitan.

Technical Error

No wonder if in the end many are curious what the real reason the account was opened again. To answer your curiosity, Hello Magazine just asked this through a brief interview with the kingdom.

Those who refused to speak much only mentioned that this was due to a technical error. I don’t know what the problem is, what is clear is that the Duchess’s account has returned safe as usual.

If so, what do you think actually happened behind this case? Could it be that Meghan accidentally opened it because she missed it and wanted to peek at the first post? Please share your opinion in the comments column below! 😉

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