At the age of 38 years stepped figure, the beauty of which is owned by Kim Kardashian really charming. Although often blasphemed and said to be plastic surgery, Kanye West’s wife has been pretty since long ago, even since she was born in the world.

The scenery is what you can find in various childhood photo posts that are often uploaded by Kim Kardashian . And this time, the star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians re-uploaded his old school portrait on Instagram .

There was a moment when the little Kim had just finished swimming. Her body and hair look wet and her eyes are still red. Not only that, Kim was also seen wearing a black two-piece bikini .

Her face looks beautiful, complete with plump eyelashes that can easily make women jealous when she sees it. But have you ever realized who is a figure similar to him in the photo above?

According to Kylie Jenner , Kim’s childhood turned out to be similar to her 3rd daughter, Chicago West . Evidently, in this post, Kylie had briefly written a comment that read, “Omg Chicago.”

If you look around, the face of Chicago, which Kim often exhibited on Instagram, is very similar to him when he was little. Will Chicago really grow to be a girl as beautiful as her mother? Let’s wait and see ! 😉

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