an unusual scene happening in the Buckingham Palace area. A lucky traveler can watch Kate enter the palace area. But this time it’s very special because Kate Middleton drove her own car to the palace.

Beautiful girl named Melissa ( @melissagrflx ) is visiting this British landmark. When Kate drives her black SUV across the crowd of visitors. This incident certainly surprised the visitors of Buckingham Palace.

They were waiting at the edge of the gate enthusiastically. Some called Kate very enthusiastically. Kate who was driving a black SUV looked smiling while waving behind the wheel.

Kate Remains Escorted

driving a vehicle on its own does not mean that the Duchess of Cambrigde is not escorted. A black car containing several bodyguards was behind Kate.

From the video circulating it is not clear if there is anyone else in Kate’s car. But the nobles did drive their own cars several times. Especially if they are going to Buckingham Palace.

Kate herself who was once a commoners was indeed very simple. He tried to do activities normally and raise his baby simply. Kate shopped everyday necessities to deliver her children to school like ordinary people.

Kate’s Christmas Plan

Kate’s presence in Buckingham occur on Thursday. A few days before he and Prince William released a Christmas photo of their family. In this latest photo, Prince Louis is getting bigger and Prince George is wearing trousers.

This year’s Christmas is expected to be celebrated by the Cambridge family at the Sandringham Estate with the Queen. They will do morning service at the Norfolk church before continuing with the queen’s speech program.

Catherine comes to Buckingham Palace. I wonder why she came. Perhaps a tea session with the Queen ? maybe next to Louis there
I wish we could get more pictures

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