Catriona Gray from the Philippines was successfully selected as Miss Universe 2018. This year’s Mis Universe program was held in Bangkok, Thailand.

Appearing with a red dress, Catriona was able to amaze not only the jury, but also the spectators who were present and who watched from the glass screen. Indonesian Princess Sonia Fergina unfortunately had to stop her steps in the last 20.

Catriona apparently has 3 unique facts that you might not have known before. What are the facts like? Let’s see more in here.

The Mother Has Dreamed of the Victory of Catriona

When Catriona was a child, the mother, Normita Magnayon Gray if the child ever dreamed of winning the Miss Universe contest wearing a red dress. Who would have thought his dream would come true!

Not only did Catriona bring the name of the Philippines as the winner of the Miss Universe 2018 event, but she also wore a red dress during the crowning process. What a sweet coincidence!

Catriona was also an only child in his family, no wonder he got full support from the family to compete in the Miss Universe event.

Fans no. 1 Milk Tea & Pearls!

Catriona apparently likes to sip milk tea. In an interview at ABS-CBN, he said if he really likes milk tea, especially if added pearl in it.

The tea mic for him is a spirit to face the day. So if you meet him, you already know what you want to buy drinks?

Don’t like high heels!

Looks elegant in the Miss Universe event, who would have thought Catriona is actually a different person in everyday life. Himself likes to use a simple and simple outfit in his daily life.

In fact, he openly admits if he doesn’t like to wear heels. Everyday, Catriona chooses to wear flat shoes and doesn’t even wear make-up and look natural.

Himself also likes outdoor activities. He really likes hiking, camping and is on the sea and the beach. “I’m a child,” he said.

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