Since becoming part of the British royal family, the name Meghan Markle continues to be a conversation. Starting from the news of violating the rules of the kingdom, until the resignation of two personal assistants because they allegedly could not stand the attitude of Meghan Markle.

From the news circulating, Meghan Markle reportedly behaved badly and fussy at the assistant, making them tired and decided to leave the palace. Unfortunately, until now the Kensington Palace still remains silent about that.

They let negative news about Meghan circulate without clear facts. Different from usual, this time there were no statements issued to correct Prince Harry’s wife’s name.

Of course this made Meghan Markle so frustrated. During pregnancy, which should have been a comfortable and quiet period, Meghan was inundated with problems and many thoughts.

“It really frustrated him, because he (Meghan) did not have any power. He would usually struggle to help others and himself. So when he was unable to speak out, it made him feel weak,” said one source.

Reportedly Frustrated

“He always felt free throughout his life, and all that had been taken away from him. He used to be able to talk on social media, but now he can’t do it.”

Losing freedom and the right to voice made Meghan feel frustrated. This is truly a very unfortunate thing, considering that at this time the Duchess of Sussex was in two bodies, where mental and physical health must be truly guarded.

Avoid Negative News

This endless drama of the United Kingdom seems to have had an impact on the household of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. A variety of negative coverage was added to the pressure for the pair of Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

This was revealed by one of the sources, “That made pressure in his relationship with Harry. He (Harry) was very frustrated because he couldn’t do anything.”

“Keeping Meghan away from various negative things and criticism is a difficult thing for him. Actually this has become Harry’s goal to keep their relationship protected from negative things,” added the source.

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