Not long ago Selena Gomez was rushed to hospital located in Los Angeles, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center by a member of his family. As per the news circulating, this ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber reportedly suffered a mental disorder.

Whether what made him very emotional, Selena Gomez’s condition slowly began to improve. Not without reason, while in the hospital, the popstar did get the best treatment to restore his mental health.

Didn’t hear it for quite a while, then how about the latest condition of Selena this time? Reporting from various sources, apparently this former Disney star has come out of his place to be treated.

Still Want to Calm Yourself

It was there that one source revealed that Selena’s condition was now better and allowed to go home.

Even so, Selena still wanted to rest completely and calm herself down. Perhaps in the near future he will not appear in public or social media, as he himself said some time ago.

Because of Justin?

Earlier, People had reported if Selena started down since the first emergence of an engagement announcement Justin and Hailey Baldwin . This news was revealed by one source in mid-October.

“Selena is like a very thin flower, especially because she has constant medical problems. Justin’s engagement and this very fast marriage made her weak and very devastated,” said the source.

The source also added that Justin was Selena’s first love. Even though their relationship has always been intermittent for years, Selena’s feelings have never changed since a long time ago.

Latest Selena Conditions

Meanwhile, the beginning of Selena being rushed to hospital circulated that she was depressed because of the impact of a kidney transplant she had done. The results of the surgery were not as expected because it affected the number of white blood cells.

While undergoing treatment Selena was really scared and insisted on being discharged from the hospital, but the doctor did not allow it. He was furious until he could forcibly release the infusion.

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