Kanye West back clashed with fellow Hollywood celebrities. This three-child man has now accused Drake of threatening his family’s safety. He revealed various allegations through his personal twitter, @KanyeWest.

Previously the news circulated that ‘Kiki’ in the song In My Feelings was for Kim Kardashian. Kanye’s wife was indeed called Kiki by several of her friends. But Kim rejected accusations that he and Drake had dated.

“There won’t be Drake without Kanye West so your mouth doesn’t ever threaten me. You don’t respect people with mental disorders, this is your chance to develop,” Kanye wrote on twitter.

This statement shocked many parties. However Drake chose not to respond to Kanye on Twitter.

Defense of Kim Kardashian

but Kim defended her husband by writing an answer to the tweet. “Drake, don’t ever threaten our husband or family. He paved the way for you to become Drake,” Kim wrote firmly.

Despite giving a defense to her husband in public, it turned out that Kim was not 100% supportive of whatever her husband did. But Kim realized that she had to support and ‘tidy up’ the incident her husband had done in public.

“Kim realized he had to do this as Kanye’s wife. They were a team and Kim would always support him, but that does not mean that the drama Kanye did did not have a negative effect on Kim,” said a source.

Kim is actually dizzy

Furthermore, Kim admitted sometimes her husband could not communicate his feelings well. Kanye can’t always interpret his thoughts to the public. Sometimes what he wanted to convey instead turned to attack him.

“This is very confusing for Kim because he doesn’t know for sure when Kanye’s drama ends. He also doesn’t know whether there will be a new drama. Kim really has no control over Kanye’s social media drama,” said a source.

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