The life of Pete Davidson in the past year has undergone major changes. After his engagement drama with Ariana Grande which was finally canceled, he then became the media’s monthly audience.

Even recently Pete Davidson uploaded a statement that made many people worried.

Pete Davidson wrote on his Instagram, ” I don’t want to be in the world anymore .”

Many people worry that this is a signal that Pete Davidson wants to end his life. Some media also use the word ‘alarming’ (worrying), and ‘suicidal’ in the coverage of this comedian.

Warganet also has the same thoughts. “Pete Davidson is now thinking of suicide committing,” said @ Fatal116.

“Pete Davidson issued words that he wanted to commit suicide …” said @nextcarlo with sad emoticons.

Feel tired

“I do my best to stay here for you but I don’t know how long I can survive. What I do is just want to help people. Remember what I said,” he said.

Not only that, Pete Davidson also deleted his Instagram. This is even more worrying because Pete revealed some time ago about his mental problems.

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