A shocking news has just come out of one of the hottest celebrity couples in Hollywood. Only one year in love, the romance that was intertwined between Hailee Steinfeld and Niall Horan was reported to have ended.

This is really very unfortunate, considering their relationship is fairly new. As we know, rumors of closeness between Hailee Steinfeld and Niall Horan have been heard since last November 2017.

After more than a year together, now they decided to just break up. Answering your curiosity, one of the sources has just revealed the reason behind Hailee’s love story and One Direction’s personnel foundered on E! News, want to know?

Dating application

rumor of the breakup of their relationship actually started with a special dating application for celebrities, known as Raya. Niall was found using the application to make the public curious about the status of his relationship with Hailee.

Unfortunately, until now Niall and Hailee have remained silent about the truth of the news. Moreover, all this time they have always hidden their relationship status from the public and the media.

Take time to go public

No one would have thought if the love story between Niall and the song singer Back to Life ended very briefly. Because they just went public and openly showed off their intimacy in public in August.

That’s when both of them were caught together in the Los Angeles area. Not realizing the existence of the paparazzi around him, Hailee and Niall did not stop enjoying their romantic moments together. The couple even shares hugs, romantic kisses, and appears with a matching outfit.

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