Career Kendall Jenner in the modeling world is already no doubt. Even though new models came and popped up trying to shift their popularity, Kendall’s charm as a supermodel couldn’t compete very easily.

And sure enough, Kendall Jenner’s career continues to shine throughout 2018. Her name is still popular and flooded with jobs starting from photoshoot to appearing on the catwalk of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Thanks to that, Kendall has now won the title of the highest paid model in 2018 by Forbes magazine. This achievement again repeated his success last year which won the same predicate.

How much is Kendall Pay?

Surely you want to know how much Kendall Jenner got during 2018? Keeping Up With The Kardashians managed to pocket money of US $ 22.5 million, equivalent to Rp. 327.5 billion.

He made a lot of money from fashion shows, photoshoots, support, and his status as ambassador Estee Lauder, Adidas, Longchamp, and Calvin Klein. This income did increase from the previous year of US $ 22 million (Rp. 320.2 billion).

10 Highest Paid Model 2018

Kendall’s achievement is indeed very surprising, considering that in 2017 yesterday he managed to beat top supermodel Gisele Bundchen who has been a defending champion for 15 years. Wow!

Besides Kendall, Forbes also released the top 10 positions in the list of the highest paid models in the world in 2018. Who are they?

  1. Kendall Jenner – $ 22.5 million
  2. Karlie Kloss – $ 13 million
  3. Chrissy Teigen – $ 11.5 million
  4. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – $ 11.5 million
  5. Delevingne way – $ 10 million
  6. Gisele Bundchen – $ 10 million
  7. Gigi Hadid – $ 9.5 million
  8. Bella Hadid – $ 8.5 million
  9. Joan Smalls – $ 8.5 million
  10. Doutzen Kroes – $ 8 million
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