Finally the first night of AQUAMAN in New York. This film from DC Universe has been awaited by its fans for quite a long time. The main character Jason Momoa looks attractive on the red carpet. Not only posing for the camera, he also carried out violent actions by Aquaman.

Jason Momoa did Haka when he entered the red carpet area. Haka is a traditional Maori war dance. This dance one is quite intense with burly men shouting while forming choreography.

This war dance is performed with the cast of Aquaman. Not only the actors, he also involved his two children, Nakoa-Wolf and Lola.

Haka’s action surprised the photographers on the red carpet. Exactly when Jason shouted suddenly and the actors entered.

Even though it looked frightening, Jason was a typical family-man. He spends a lot of his vacation time playing with his children.

This Haka war dance ends with Jason breaking the golden trident. In the film version, this trident has magical powers and is called the Trident of Neptunes.

After making a scene with the war dance action, Jason showed his soft side. He invited his entire family to the night of this premiere, including his mother Coni Momoa.

It always acts as a frightening man like Aquaman and Kharl Drogo, but he claims to be a very sensitive and sensitive person. Moreover, he is very close to the mother who is a single parent.

Jason’s two children, Nakoa-Wolf and Lola, are the result of his love for Lisa Bonet. Jason claimed to have a crush on Lisa when he was 8 years old and Lisa was 20 years old.

Distance 12 years old does not dampen Jason’s love. Both were married in 2007, but only registered a marriage legally in 2017.

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