two years since Jennifer Lope z and Alex Rodriguez date. These two top celebrities are more intimate and always in love. Both of them support each other for careers with each other.

“We love each other and we love our lives together. The best thing about our love is that we are both aware of how lucky we are to have each other,” JLo said.

In this connection, JLo and ARod realize that it is not only those who have to adapt. Both have children from previous relationships. Two JLo children and two AROD children must be able to receive a mixture of each new family.

Love each other

children are comfortable with the relationship that is now being built. From marriage to Marc Anthony, Jennifer has the twins Emme and Max who are now 10 years old. ARod also has two teenage girls namely Natasha (14 years) and Ella (10 years).

“Children are very open to love each other. I love children (ARod), and he also loves my child. They also welcome each other while saying, ‘I get your bonus to play together and this is fun’,” continued JLo.

Love each other

“Our children are friends and this makes us very grateful and respectful,” ARod said about their relationship.

Even though he had been dating for two years JLo and ARod were in no hurry to raise their status. Both of them have not announced yet another marriage engagement.

“We cannot imagine a better thing than the four of them getting along with each other,” concluded JLo.

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