Miley Cyrus did have time to ‘retreat’ from the world of entertainment and social media. But now he has returned along with the release of a single titled Nothing Breaks Like A Heart . In the promo period for this latest single, Miley conducted various interviews.

In addition to promoting a collaboration single with Mark Ronson , Miley also discussed her relationship with Liam Hemsworth . The couple who had broken up and continued this day was getting sweeter. Both of them have just become victims of wild fires in Malibu.

Liam and Miley work together to save the animals around them. “Liam, I have never loved her like this,” said Miley when discussing the fiancee.

Survival Partner

“Now I see Liam as a partner surviving. He thinks it’s not romantic, but I think it’s romantic. He’s very tough, he put all the animals into the truck,” Miley recalled.

The host at the Howard Stern Show also teased Miley. If Liam can provide extraordinary action in saving animals, then how good is Liam’s actions for Miley?

Hemsworth Brother of Real World Superheroes

“This is the use of FaceTime, Cybersex,” Kylie said with a chuckle.

“We have an ordinary life, Liam is an extraordinary cook. Liam also has a strange genetic ancestry, he and his brother are superheroes. He can eat constantly and get stronger. It’s not fair, I eat a lot and can’t open my eyes because most salt, “Miley continued.

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