After breaking up with Chloe Moretz, Brooklyn Beckham is reportedly close to a lot of beautiful women. These names include Lexy Pantera and Lexi Wood. Paparazzi cameras even had time to capture the moment when Brooklyn was kissing.

Whether it’s dating or not, Brooklyn Beckham has never opened a voice regarding rumors of its closeness to many women. David Beckham ‘s eldest son and Victoria Beckham have never even deliberately appeared and dated in public.

But this time one of the paparazzi cameras captured a very different scene. Brooklyn has just been caught appearing with a woman after attending the 2018 British Fashion Awards held in London.


Brooklyn’s New Girlfriend

Coming home from the event, Brooklyn Beckham was seen spending time with a beautiful woman.

Not just an ordinary hangout, it seems that Brooklyn also cooperates hand in hand with Hana. Even more surprising, this was done right when he passed in front of many media cameras. No wonder if in the end there were allegations that said they were in a special relationship.

Hana, who turned out to work as a model, also uploaded her together with Instagram Story . It was there that they seemed absorbed in jogging together with the Blame It On the Boogie song from The Jackson at the after party event held in the Belsize Park area.

Compassion in After Party

When attending an after party event, Brooklyn and Hana seem to be very intimate.

“He (Brooklyn) looks very polite and attentive to him. They look happy when together,” he said. Well , Hana herself was the first woman to be held openly by Brooklyn after breaking up with Chloe. Could this handsome guy really have moved on?

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