Although now Travis Scott was busy with touring Astroworld – Wish You Were Here but he always had time for little stormi Webster . Just now he invited his little one to visit the Denver Downtown Aquarium with his little family.

This family time was immortalized by Kylie Jenner through uploading Instagram. Kylie and Travis bring Stormi to see the fish in this large aquarium. Even so, Kylie did not clearly share Adorable Stormi’s face.

This family walk was done one day before Travis appeared at Pepsi Center, Denver. This Travis tour will continue until December 22. So sold out, concert tickets in Los Angeles have been sold out.

Always Give Time

Although now Travis amid very busy with his career but Kylie and stormi always supported. This 10-month-old baby is always involved with Kylie when her father is performing. Stormi even has its own backstage room with a large plasma TV that shows Travis’s live action.

Recently Kylie and Travis made marital speculation sticking out. Because they are increasingly calling each other as ‘husband – wife’. However, until this news was written, no one had confirmed the marriage (or engagement) of both.

Kylie-Travis is Married?

“Kylie and Travis discussed the possibility of getting married and Kylie had explained what kind of ring she wanted to Travis. Certainly it would be very extra,” he said

Kim Kardashian himself mentioned this issue in Busy Tonight’s talk show by Busy Phillipps. “I honestly don’t know. They love each other very much and have an adorable family. If I think they are not married, only husband and wife calls. But because they have been uploaded several times, I will ask directly in our group chat,” replied Kim.

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