W Magazine has just released their latest photo shoot with Gigi Hadid. Different from usual, the theme of the shooting this time is a bit more different. Sister Bella Hadid is different from a bolder and more challenging appearance. Do you want to know what the photos are like?

This is what looks at Gigi Hadid on the cover of the latest W magazine. Doesn’t his appearance really make it fascinated?

It comes with a platinum blonde wig, the teeth even wear makeup with thick makeup that focuses on the eyes.

In another photo, Zayn Malik’s lover shows her supermodel charm in her perfect pose in front of the camera.

Even though the look is somewhat unusual, Gigi doesn’t lose her charm at all. Even though it is still beautiful seen from various angles.

Stylish in women’s rocker style, not only highlighted, but also has a fashion meaning in this photo shoot.

Of the many outfits she wore at that time, this gold-colored dress really created a challenging racy impression. Braless teeth don’t even hesitate to indulge their cleavage in front of the camera.

With his high flight hours, of course posing like this is very common for him.

No wonder if in the end these photos managed to steal the attention of their fans and followers on social media. Many of them praised Gigi’s cool appearance,


If so, what do you think about the Gigi photoshoot this time?

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