Not long ago there was a rumor that Aaron Carter would be engaged to his new boyfriend, Lina Valentina. Not wanting to play, apparently he planned to take their relationship more seriously.

Not just rumors, this was directly conveyed by Aaron Carter through a post on Twitter . It was there that revealed that Aaron was planning to immediately apply for his girlfriend.

Do not stop there, the singer Sooner or Later also claimed to be impatient to wait for the birth of their baby. No wonder if in the end many believe that Lina Valentina is in a dual body, aka pregnant.

Not Pregnant

Having made the public wonder about his tweet, now Aaron Carter has just revealed the truth. News, he claimed that Lina Valentina was not pregnant as reported.

“A few weeks ago, I uploaded something on social media about my hopes of having children in the near future, and it seems that it immediately provoked rumors. I really can’t wait to be a father, but now it’s still not,” he said

Fiance’s Rumors Are Also Hoaxes

When there were no rumors of pregnancy, the news of Aaron’s engagement turned into a hoax. As we know, one source previously revealed that Aaron and Valentina would become fiancees at the end of November, but until now nothing has happened.

Aaron who initially admitted that he would immediately submit an application Valentina also never gave a ring that would decorate her ring finger. If yes, when will this couple have a more serious relationship? Let’s just wait!

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