The war between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is reported to have ended. The couple who clashed because of the child divorce and custody case reportedly decided to make peace. Both agreed to share joint custody of their six children.

The agreement on child custody was mentioned in the new agreement on divorce documents for Jolie and Pitt. Both of them agreed to make peace for the good of their children. Pitt was given more time to spend with his children.

Jolie finally gave up to get full custody of her child. Even though this is not the desired result, it is all he can do.

“This child custody fight takes a long and difficult time,” said the source, as reported by Hollywoodlife .

Jolie thinks it’s the best decision. He did not want to bring his children to court only so he could get his wish. Jolie did not want to carry injuries and add traumatic to her children for their divorce which was in the spotlight.

“Jolie’s actions were also influenced by how she was portrayed in the media. She was very aware that she was portrayed as an evil person. Although she was impressed that she didn’t care, actually she really cared,” said the source again.

In the matter of custody of this child, Pitt is considered a winner. This was because Pitt’s desire to get more time with his children came true.

However, this does not mean that the couple’s divorce process that has been running for two years will soon be over.

“It might take another two years until everything is signed and completed,” said the source.

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