Members of the British royal family do have a number of rules ranging from how to walk, how to sit, dress styles, to accessories that are used all have rules.

However, a new member of the British empire, Meghan Markle, who is the wife of Prince Harry, returned from the rules.

As Cosmopolitan reported, Meghan Markle was seen using black nail polish while attending the British Fashion Awards.

Royal families do not usually use colored nail polish, because said Queen Elisabeth color paint is not good.

Actually, since announcing his engagement with Prince Harry Meghan has always followed the rules regarding nail polish.

Like on his wedding day, he uses easy pink nail polish that is very similar to the original color of the nail.

Not only this time, Meghan has also violated the rules such as using falt shoes, wearing clothes with open shoulders, wearing black clothes, and giving autographs to the public.

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